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Heights of French-Canadians, 1813 to 1848

Alongside Vadim Kufenko (partner in all crimes) and Alex Arsenault Morin, we have organized the prison records of Quebec City between 1813 and 1848 to measure the heights of the prisonners. Our aim is to study the presence of differences in biological living standards across ethnic lines over time in Quebec and use this measure […]

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New Paper: Celebrating the Simon-Ehrlich Bet and a review of Sabin’s The Bet

My most recent paper, co-written with Pierre Desrochers, we have submitted it to International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development.   It can be read in its entirety HERE — Snatching the Wrong Conclusions from the Jaws of Defeat: A Resourceship Perspective on Paul Sabin’s The Bet: Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon, and Our Gamble over Earth’s […]

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Seigneurial tenure and development in French Colonial America, 1688 to 1760

As I finish my preparations for the job market, I have also finished formatting a first draft of a paper on the role of seigneurial tenure for Canada’s early economic development. I have sent it to some colleagues for comments. I will soon upload the paper on Academia (I will update this post when it […]

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Strasbourg wages, 1675 to 1760

In the course of my doctoral thesis, I have collected data of relevance to compare living standards across the Americas by including Canada before 1760. Since it was colonized mostly by French settlers until the King of France ceded it to the British, Canada had to be compare with France as well. In the process […]

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Real wages (piece rates) for women in Canada, 1764 to 1826

I have recently shared my job market paper (which I have submitted to the Journal of Economic History) where we can see real wages in Canada up to 1760. Obviously, I am not satisfied with studying male wages up to 1760, I want to extend to female wages and move beyond 1760.  Using the same sources, […]

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