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The main goal of this blog is to provide schorlaly comment in a manner that is accessible to the public. However, being able to explain and put in a layman’s terms is insufficient, providing accompanying data is quite important.This is what you will find in the following page.

Some of these data sets will often be put up to date when required, but most of the time, they pertain to historical data. Some I will not share online, you will have to communicate with me. They are all ordered in a alphabetical order :

Adjusted Income Statistics for Household Size (different measures), Quebec, Ontario and rest of Canada, 1941 to 2011

Age cohort decomposition of earnings by linguistic groups and other labour-related statistics in Quebec and Canada in the 1971 census (microdata)

Agricultural productivity measured in calories in Quebec, Ontario and Canada between 1840 and 1980 

Agricultural productivity measured in calories in key Quebec regions, 1762 to 1827

Alcohol prices in Quebec, United States and United Kingdom using on December 12th 2011 (pre tax) for a selected samples of wines and spirits – added December 13th 2011

Average Price for Taxi Licences in the six largest cities of the province of Quebec for selected years between 1987 and 2011 – added July 10th 2011 (last updated July 10th 2011)

Bombs dropped on Germany during World War II from 1939 to 1945 (tonnages) by the Royal Air Force and the United States of America’s Air Force – added July 22nd 2011

Casualties suffered by UK regiments in World War 1 on a monthly basis (total) from August 1914 to November 1918 – added July 11th 2011

Calorie Intake in Germany during World War 2 (kcal) from 1942 to 1945 – added July 23rd 2011

Costs of Supply Management in Canada using comparative data with United States, pre-tax from May 2010 to May 2011 – added December 4th 2011

Education Statistics (University, High School, Elementary School, Attendance Rate, Effective Enrolment Rates – all decomposed by province and by religious faith in Quebec)- added March 20th 2013

Electricity prices in Quebec, Ontario, United States and United Kingdom, 1919 to 1939

Electrical productivity in Quebec and Ontario, 1919 to 1939 – various measures

Estimates of provincial GDP, 1900 to 1926 in Quebec (unpublished and not yet to be shared)

Evolution of Investments Per Capita and Per Worker in Quebec and Ontario from 1945 to 1960

Exports and Imports of Lower Canada, 1792 to 1851 – added March 20th 2013

Federal Transfers to Quebec relative to GDP, 1926 to 2010

Federal Transfers to all provinces on per capita basis, selected years

Hospital statistics of Quebec relative to Ontario and Saskatchewan, 1945 to 1958 (for spending) and 1945 to 1960 (for performance)

Household goods in Quebec, Ontario and Rest of Canada, percentage distribution – all census years to 1961

Household value at death, different Quebec regions, 1792 to 1835 (derived from Paquet-Wallot’s database at Archives Canada)

Impact of Allied Bombing on German Military Production – percentage change between June 1943 and January 1945 – added July 7th 2011 (last updated July 7th 2011)

Land prices in rural Quebec, 1792 to 1835 (derived from Paquet-Wallot’s database at Archives Canada)

Milk prices (pre tax) per liter (average and lowest) for a sample of cities in Canada, the United States and the United Kindom using for the month of December 2011. 

Net business creation in Quebec from 1901 to 1961

Monthly Prices for Consumers Items in Canadian Cities, January 1919 to October 1929

Monthly Unemployment in Trade Unions in Canadian Cities, January 1919 to January 1926 (Annual from 1919 to 1939)

Monthly Values of Building Permits in Canadian Cities, January 1919 to October 1929

Price of corrective eye surgery at LASIK MD for selected years in nominal and inflation-adjusted dollars ( medical and all items) in the United States

Price of Oreo cookies from 1899 to 2009 in the United States in current and constant dollars (2005) per gram – added July 2nd 2011 (last updated July 2nd 2011)

Probate Records, different Quebec regions, 1764 to 1810

Provincial decomposition of Canadian Manufacturing 1870 to 1957 and 1957 to 1960

Quebec’s gross debt in real terms from 1900 to 1959 – added August 5th 2011

Quebec’s adjusted gross debt from 1900 to 2010

Quebec’s adjusted net debt from 1900 to 2010

Relatives prices of agricultural commodities to dry goods in Quebec – 1760 to 1840

Seamen’s wages in the Canadian Timber Trade – 1787 to 1827

Shipping Freight Rates between United Kingdom and Quebec, broken series, 1784 to 1814 combined with North-Harley dataset (1820-1850) and counter-verified with Ville’s datasets of freight rates in the Canadian timber trade

Shipping Productivity in Lower Canada, 1764 to 1840 – added March 20th 2013

Shipping Productivity for Numerous Countries, 1760 to 1804

State owned entreprises (SOEs) as a share of GDP in Quebec, Ontario and Saskatchewan, 2010 – added July 12th 2011 (last updated July 14th 2011)

Thresholds for Review of Mergers and Acquistions in Canada under the Investment Canada Act in current and constant (2002) dollars from 1997 to 2011 – added June 30th 2011 (last updated June 30th 2011)

Wages in Canadian Fur Trade Contracts, 1801 to 1810

Wal-Mart’s domestic sales as a share of GDP from 1996 to 2010added July 19th 2011

Wartime US GNP, corrected for military expenditures and Kuznets’ Peacetime Accounting Concept – added August 7th 2011

Wartime Canadian GNP, corrected for military expenditures and Kuznets’ Peacetime Accounting Concept – added March 20th 2013

Wheat prices (and other agricultural commodities) in Quebec expressed in gold value, 1761 to 1844

Work accidents in Quebec, Ontario and Canada relative to population, 1921 to 1960

Wholesale price index in France, Canada and the United Kingdom from 1890 to 1919 (1905=100) – added July 18th 2011


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