Bouffe de rue: voulez-vous une baisse de prix?

On apprenait aujourd’hui dans le Journal de Montréal, que les restaurateurs de rue ne comptent pas baisser leurs prix. Ceci semble indigner certaines personnes, dont le maire Denis Coderre. Il s’agit là d’une drôle d’indignation. Oui, drôle … voir burlesque. Burlesque parce que la ville de Montréal est responsable des prix élevés en limitant l’offre par sa […]

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Autocorrelation as a tool for economic historians: New France and Lower Canada

I was working on my thesis and a weird idea struck me. More specifically, I was working on market integration between Quebec City and Montreal from 1688 to 1840. Generally, I used the coefficient of variation (standard deviation of observations over average). However, trends in market integration could be measured by the extent of serial […]

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Price index, Quebec from 1688 to 1860

In the course of writing my thesis, I have collected important quantities of price quotations for roughly one hundred and fifty items that were traded in the colony of Quebec from 1688 to 1760 and I am pursuing this up to 1860. However, there was already a price index produced by Gilles Paquet and Jean-Pierre […]

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Jean Chrétien en Nouvelle France

Au cours de mes recherches aux Archives du Séminaire de Québec, je découvre souvent des faits inusités sur l’histoire du Québec. J’ai notamment retrouvé un Jean Chrétien qui travaillait aux fermes du Séminaire de Québec en 1736. Il était payé 25 sols pour chaque de travail “aux récoltes” et 25 sols par jour de travail “aux foins”. Son salaire […]

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Free banking and economic growth in Lower Canada, 1817 to 1851

My colleauge Mathieu Bédard and myself submitted one of our working paper as a conference paper on the issue of free banking in the Lower Canada (Quebec before confederation). Here is the abstract : Generally, the historical literature presents the period from 1817 to 1851 in Lower Canada (modern day Quebec) as one of negative […]

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