Money minted in England from the 16th century to the early 19th century

Its always fun in the course of research to find little pieces of information that are not related to what you are doing. One such example comes from my research in the Quebec Mercury to complete price indices past 1760. I found this little article concerning the coins minted in England from the reign of Elizabeth to […]

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Prices and wages in New France, 1688 to 1760

As I am nearing the completion of my doctoral thesis, I have begun to submit articles and share my data concerning the economy of French Canada prior to 1760. Obviously, this means that I should put up a “disclaimer” regarding the data as well as details regarding that data. Those can now be found here. […]

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Electricity in Quebec before nationalization, 1920-1939

I have a new working paper co-written with Germain Belzile – it is by no means complete. I intend to make some corrections to improve it further. It concerns an important chapter of Quebec history: the era before the nationalization of electricity. We contest the claim that the companies were acting as monopolies and gouging consumers. […]

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(More on) Free Banking and Money in Lower Canada, 1817-1850

In a recent paper, submitted to Enterprise and Society, Mathieu Bédard and I argued that free banking in Canada boosted economic growth. However, we proposed another channel for this effect than the proper inter-mediation of savings and investments. We argued that private money produced by banks who backed their notes with their own assets allowed “good money” […]

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Wages and mortality in Lower Canada, 1831

I have been experimenting with new data for a paper I am writing (alongside Vadim Kufenko and Alex Arsenault Morin) regarding mortality and land tenure laws in Canada prior to confederation. Interestingly, I had on my hands a new dataset  (which I had collected over 6 months ago) of prices and wages in Lower Canada […]

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