“Empire, Colonial Institutions and Economic Growth: Essays on the economic history of Quebec under British rule, 1760 to 1850 (Main supervisor: Chris Minns; Secondary Supervisor: Stephen Broadberry)



“Before the Cascade: Preference Falsification, Economic Growth and Religious Fervour in Quebec from 1920 to 1970″ (Submitted for peer review)  with Hubert Olivier Villeneuve – Social Science History

“L’électricité au Québec avant 1940: a-t-on eu raison de nationaliser?” (peer-reviewed)  – Optimum Online: The Journal of Public Sector Management

When did Quebec Catch Up Economically?” (Not peer-reviewed)  – Montreal Economic Institute Economic Note

The Consequences of a Fixed Book Price” (Not peer-reviewed)  published with Youri Chassin -Montreal Economic Institute Economic Note

Who spends more? Left or Right?” (Not peer-reviewed)  published with Youri Chassin -Montreal Economic Institute Economic Note


“Intercity bus services in Canada – Time for deregulation” (peer-reviewed) Economic Affairs


Canada Post: Opening Up to Competition” (Not peer-reviewed) published with Youri Chassin – Montreal Economic Institute Economic Note


The Slandering of Duplessis” (Not peer-reviewed) published with Éric Duhaime – C2C Journal

Taxi Industry : On the Road to Reform” (Not peer-reviewed) published with Germain Belzile – Montreal Economic Instistute



Floor Pricing in Quebec’s retail gasoline market: a welfare analysis – unfinished

Religious Institutions, Education and Economic Divergence: A New Interpretative Essay in the Economic History of Quebec, 1840-1940 – Submitted for presentation at the EEBHS

Austere or Roaring? Evaluating Living Standards in Canadian Cities in the 1920s using worktime cost of living – currently collecting data

Prices and Output in New France, 1690 to 1760

Market integration and living standards in New France, 1690 to 1760

Rational Peasants and the Timber Trade : Living Standards in Lower Canada in 1831

Income redistribution and “seigneurial” tenure: a reassessment, 1706-1739

“Seigneurial” tenure as supply management : Lower Canada from 1831 to 1851

Food supply and mortality rates in Quebec, 1690 to 1861

Secondary Markets as Markets for Risk Management : The Case of Scalping – unfinished

What Great Gloom? Socio-Economic Performance of Quebec within Canada between 1945 and 1960 – completed (available on request)

Faits stylisés sur la performance économique du Québec depuis la Confédération, 1870-2010

Electricity before nationalization in Quebec, 1920-1940

Shipping Productivity and Market Integration in Quebec under British rule, 1760-1840 – part of doctoral thesis

Toleration, Conservatism and the British Public Debt: Explaining the Institutions of Quebec under British Rule- part of doctoral thesis

Hetergoneous preferences, public finances and the rebellions of 1837-38 – part of doctoral thesis


Economic Policy of Quebec 1940-1960 : A Reassessment of the Great Darkness ( thesis)

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