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Why should we not care about Debt/GDP ratios?

Such a title might scare some of my fiscally hawkish readers who have – rightfully – identified me as a fiscal hawk. However, I really do believe that the information conveyed by debt/GDP ratios is only “trivial”. The information that holds more value to my eyes is government revenues as a share of GDP and […]

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New Working Paper : A match made in heaven – free markets and morality

I have extended my winning essay from the Institute for Liberal Studies into a longer paper which I do not know what to do with for the instant. However, I believe it might be interesting for anyone to read an extended version of the arguments I made during that contest. So here the link and […]

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Forget bilateral liberalization, forget even multilateral, go for unilateral!

Have you heard of the Doha round of trade liberalization in recent times? To be very honest, I have not either and its no surprise since it is dead. So if this round of trade liberalization negociations is dead, how do we pursue the reductions in trading barriers? The alternative often presented are Preferential Trade […]

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The Eastern Front: Casualties

In June 2009, I took a class at Montreal University titled Canadian Military History which brought me to France (as a part of the class) to visit battlefields where Canadian forces engaged either forces of the Hohenzollern monarchy during the Great War or of the Third Reich during the Second World War. During my visit […]

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My most recent interview

Here is my most recent interview on CHOI Radio X in Quebec city (in french) on the issue of the American debt ceiling debate, if you wish to consult it click on “Crise sur la dette aux √Čtats-Unis”.

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