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Tommorow’s radio interview

With my vacations at a near end, I have to travel to Quebec city to visit some friends. It will also be an opportunity to make my weekly radio commentary in studio at CHOI Radio X (in french). However, in a rare turn of events, I will be spending a large segment of the show […]

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Stalin’s darkroom

In the research for my piece on the commemoration of the dissolution of the Soviet Union, I fell on a 1998 article by historian Robert Conquest that I had never had the chance to read. In fact, neither in Harvests of Sorrow nor in The Great Terror did I find a mention of what he […]

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CÉGEP en anglais

Note to my American and British Readers : This post is in french, it concerns the topic of linguistic laws in Quebec and the proposal to make it compulsory for individuals whose parents went to french school to go to college in french.  Alors que la rentrée collégiale approche, des collègues à moi se sont […]

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Ticket scalping : why it is good

In Quebec, the provincial government is attempting to restrain ticket reselling, more commonly known as scalping. In the eyes of the government, scalping deprives consumers of the tickets they so ardently want. However, the regulation of this activity might in fact harm consumers more than it could help them. It may also even reduce the […]

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Peak oil was in 1973?

According to proponents of the so-called peak oil theory, we will one day run out of petroleum. Nevermind that there was once a “peak guano” theory referring to our harvesting of guano (litterally bird shit…). Recent increases in the price of an oil barrel has sparked a resurgence of this theory. However, production matters very […]

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