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Social mobility and the London Riots

I have recently contended in an article (here) that the London Riots of the summer of 2011 were the cause of a perceived lack of opportunities for upward mobility. I contended that policies that raise the cost of living (zoning laws, import duties, regulations on businesses) are combined with policies that reduce the possibilities of […]

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What are excess profits ?

What are excess profits? How do we define them ? Companies that produce goods and services that we will demand regardless of price (oil and pharmaceuticals) are believed to be benefitting from the ineslaticity of our demand and hence charging us excessive profits. However, what would you say that periodicals publishers and book publishers have […]

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Capitalist Peace : Wealthier and Safer

With my friend and colleague Pierre Simard from the École Nationale d’Administration Publique in Québec city, I have published an op-ed in the second largest french newspaper in North America, La Presse, arguing that free trade and free markets have made the world safer. In short, I argue the case of the capitalist peace. In […]

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Income in Quebec according to language

In my recent interview on CHOI Radio X, I mentionned that income growth for unilingual francophones in Quebec has been the the fastest of all linguistic groups since 1970. This claim has been questionned by some critics of mine. To dissipate any doubts about the validity of my claims, I am adding a new data […]

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