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The rise of good inequalities

I have recently submitted an entry for a Fraser Institute contest, below you will see my submission: — The rise of “good” inequalities Vincent Geloso The author is a PhD candidate in Economic History at the London School of Economics A commonly held view asserts that it is impossible for free markets to foster a […]

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On leisure, income and happiness

In a recent paper titled “Well-Being in America” in the Review of Economics and Statistics, Andrew Oswald and Stephen Wu point out that when they “control for incomes (of states), satisfaction with life is lower in richer states”. I am not surprised, but I don’t believe that we should derive much about inequality and wealth. […]

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How Canada paid for Quebec’s Quiet Revolution

Below, you will find an opinion piece submitted to the Financial Post derived from my research on Quebec’s economic history and the transition between the liberal approach of the 1940s and 1950s to the social-democratic setting of the 1960s. I argue in this piece that Quebec’s construction of a welfare state, which is one of the […]

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A response to Daniel Kuehn: Austerity as credible commitment

A few days ago, I posted a comment on austerity measures as a complement to supply-side measures. One of the economist that I quoted, Daniel Kuehn, has replied in earnest about the 1920-21 recession: I still wished I had explained the supply shock argument a little better (i.e. – reproduce with ample citation Romer’s excellent […]

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Sécurité des travailleurs 1945-1960

À force de parler de la Grande Noirceur, j’ai reçu des courriels qui affirment que mes chiffres sont trompeurs puisqu’ils sont des aggrégats qui ne différencient pas entre anglophones et francophones. La critique est valide, mais elle ne change pas la narration que je présente. Premièrement, les salaires augmentent dans toutes les industries et même […]

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