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Measuring Away the Importance of Institutions: The Case of Seigneurial Tenure and Agricultural Output in Canada East, 1851

My most recent paper, which I have submitted, argues that there are problems in the way we have been using the 1851 census of Canada East. The issues relates to properly measuring volumes of grains grown and land area for farming. I argue that, since the difference in measurement units follow ethnic lines, the errors […]

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Interview on deficits, public choice and immigration

Normally, I do not share the interviews I make with the media on this website since they tend to “public policy” interviews and this website is dedicated to my research and my research-oriented comments. However, I am making an exception because I gave a long interview to Point d’Équilibre (in french) where me and the interviewer […]

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Inequality, Capital and Many Other Things in the 21st Century (and Before)

I have a new article, this time in Essays in Economic and Business History. It is an invited review of the upcoming book of Peter Lindert and Jeffrey Williamson (Unequal Gains at Princeton University Press). It underlines the limitations, strengths and the potential of the book while also proposing modifications to the policy proposals. The article is […]

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