Archive | May, 2016

Supply-side factors in the dominance of the fur trade in colonial Canada

This paper – written with my good friend Alexis Lacombe of the Collège de Granby – contends that supply-side factors related to the maritime’s industry response to conflicts are quite important in explaining the predominant role of the fur trade in the early economy of Canada. Exports and imports of non-fur industries in Canada tended […]

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Could seigneurial tenure have mattered?

This paper is intended as a conference paper. It encompasses an earlier article we have already submitted (on living standards in Lower Canada in 1831). However, it considers the question we (myself and my co-authors) thought the most relevant: did seigneurial tenure in Canada have an important impact? The peculiarities of seigneurial tenure as a […]

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Joining Texas Tech University

In a few months, my PhD at the London School of Economics will be completed (waiting for exam date to be settled). Thereafter, I will be joining Texas Tech University (TTU) for a limited-term appointment as post-doctoral researcher associated with the Free Market Institute (FMI website here) The FMI has numerous scholars interested in public choice […]

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