Archive | August, 2016

Was Economic Growth Likely in Lower Canada?

Did Quebec experience economic growth (per capita) during the first decades of the 19th century? That question has been often debated in Quebec. In a recent paper co-authored with Mathieu B├ędard, I argue that given the pronounced price deflation of the era and the increase in the money supply (faster than population growth), historians should […]

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Continuity under a different name: the outcome of privatisation in Serbia

I have a new working paper out there. It concerns privatisation in Serbia. More precisely, it concerns the process of privatisation in Serbia and how it can be co-opted by rent-seeking actors. Alongside Vladan Ivanovic, Vadim Kufenko, Boris Begovic and Nenad Stanisic, we argue that the process of privatisation was designed to allow rent-seekers to […]

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