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Forthcoming, Demographic Change and Regional Convergence in Canada

During the month of July, I posted a working paper that was written by myself, Vadim Kufenko and Klaus Prettner on the role of demographic change in measuring income convergence across provinces in Canada. We argued that wide differences in household minimized differences in income per adult equivalent relative to differences in per capita income (at […]

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A U-Curve of Inequality? Measuring Inequality in the Interwar Period

I have a new working paper fresh out of the oven. My co-authors (John Moore and Philip Schlosser) are myself are seeking comments. Basically, this is part of a series of papers on the economic history of the United States from 1890 to 1940 for which we obtained funding. In fact, it is the first […]

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Rethinking Canadian Economic Growth and Development since 1900: The Case of Quebec

I am pleased to announce that Palgrave Macmillan has accepted to publish my book (Du Grand Rattrapage au Déclin Tranquille) as part of its “Studies in Economic History”. The book will come out under the title of Rethinking Canadian Economic Growth and Development since 1900: The Case of Quebec.  The book was translated by Jordan Arseneault […]

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