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Monopsony and industrial development in nineteenth century Quebec : the impact of seigneurial tenure

Is monopsony power a potent candidate to explain Quebec’s divergence within Canada? Alongside Alex Arsenault Morin and Vadim Kufenko, I make this case in a new working paper. Basically, we argue that the land tenure system created a series of localized monopsonies on the non-farm labor market. We argue that this depressed wages and labor demand (we have […]

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Living Standards in Lower Canada, 1831

A few months ago, I posted the first version of a paper that considered the issue of living standards in Lower Canada in 1831. It was co-authored with Vadim Kufenko and Remy Villeneuve. Since then, we have reworked the paper and integrated it with another paper. In this paper, we also ask the question of […]

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Electricity in Quebec Before Nationalization, 1920 to 1939

I have a new working paper out there that I am about to submit. It is co-written with my old-time partner in crime, Germain Belzile (HEC Montreal) and it concerns the electricity business in Quebec before nationalization. The abstract is below and the paper can be consulter here on SSRN or here on Academia: Upon opening […]

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