Infant mortality and the role of seigneurial tenure in Canada East, 1851

Alongside Alex Arsenault Morin and Vadim Kufenko, I have a new working paper on the issue of infant mortality in Canada East (modern-day Quebec). I argue that the institutional system of land tenure was an important determinant of differences in infant mortality. Areas settled under French laws (known as seigneurial law) implied important transfers from peasants […]

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Heights of French-Canadians after the conquest

In the weeks to come, Vadim Kufenko, Alex Arsenault Morin and myself will spend time trying to edit, improve and finalize our paper on the heights of the French-Canadians in Quebec between 1760 and 1830 based on prison registry data. Basically, the work that remains to be done is to improve the presentation of the […]

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Malthusian pressures in Lower Canada (now published)

My article on Malthusian pressures in Canada has now been published in the Journal of Population Research (co-written with Vadim Kufenko of the University of Hohenheim). The paper can be consulted here (open access I believe) and can be quoted as such: Geloso, Vincent and Vadim Kufenko. 2015. “Malthusian pressures: Empirical evidence from a frontier economy”, Journal of Population […]

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The cost of Quebec’s Quiet Revolution

In my archives, I found an old article I published in the Financial Post back in 2012. It mentions the cost of Quebec’s Quiet Revolution which was heavily subsidized by federal transfers and its foundations were set before 1960 (unlike the common narrative). — Canada paid for Quebec’s Quiet Revolution Vincent Geloso The author is a PhD […]

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When did the New France government experiment with paper money?

At present, I am preparing a paper (alongside Mathieu Bédard) based on my empirical constructs (found in my thesis) which studies the (in)famous experiment of the colony of New France with playing card money. During that “funny” episode in monetary history, the government of New France decided to issue money with values signed on the […]

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