McCloskey and social networks as a channel for Kirznerian growth

McCloskey and social networks as a channel for Kirznerian growth Outlet submitted to: Economic Affairs Abstract: This article expands on the view of Deirdre McCloskey that the economic growth of the western world since the end of the eighteenth century can be explained by the process of entrepreneurial change as described by Israel Kirzner. This […]

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The turnover-reducing effects of minimum wage hikes might be undesirable

I have just uploaded a new working paper. Although this one is not about economic history, it does concern an issue I have to deal very often in economic history: wages and price controls. In this working paper, I decided to tackle the issue of the minimum wage and the empirical finding whereby there are […]

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Ma réponse finale à Pierre Fortin

Pierre Fortin continue de répèter ses propos sur le coût de la vie. Fondamentalement, il affirme que Statistique Canada lui donne raison, que l’écart Qc-Ontario est seulement de 8.6% et que le logement n’est pas un problème. Voici ma réponse, très technique, qui vise à illustrer que Pierre Fortin a tort et qu’il devrait cesser de […]

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Backing theory of money and Quantity Theory of Money : weighing in the Sumner-Sproul debate

I have been recently following with deep interest the discussion between Mike Sproul and economist Scott Sumner on whether the backing theory of money is correct or the quantity theory of money (see also David Glasner’s comments). The first being that liabilities on the market (a bond issued by the government) or future income streams […]

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Le coût de la vie au Québec est plus élevé qu’ailleurs

J’ai publié au Centre sur la Productivité et la Prospérité une étude sur le coût de la vie au Québec. La question à laquelle je m’attaque est fort simple: le coût de la vie est-il plus bas au Québec qu’ailleurs au Canada? La réponse est : non, au contraire il est plus élevé. En tenant […]

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