Book chapters

Forthcoming. “British Public Debt, the Acadian Expulsion and the American Revolution.” In Public Choice Analyses of American Economic History, Joshua Hall and Marcus Witcher (eds) with Springer.

Forthcoming. “Government and the Economic History of American Income Inequality.” In Income Inequality, G.P. Manish and Stephen C. Miller (eds). (unedited version, do not cite without permission).

Forthcoming. “Douglass North and Shipping Productivity.” In A Companion to Douglass North, Andrés Marroquín (ed) with UFM Editions.

Forthcoming. “The Craft of the Economic Historian” In An Economist’s Guide to Economic History, Matthias Blum and Chris Colvin (eds) with Palgrave Macmillan.

Forthcoming. “Market Theory and the Lighthouse System.” In A Companion to Israel Kirzner, Monica Zelaya (ed) with UFM Editions (co-authored with Rosolino Candela).

Forthcoming. “Hayek’s Capitalism and the Historians: A Retrospective.” In A Companion to Friedrich Hayek, Rosolino Candela (ed) with UFM Editions.

Fothcoming. “Inequality, (transaction) costs & choice.” Symposium article in response to Inequality:  An Entangled Political Economy Perspective authored by Mikayla Novak, Cosmos + Taxi, Volume, Number and Pages undetermined.

Book review

Why Did We Choose to Industrialize? Montreal, 1819–1849, by Robert CH Sweeny – reviewed for the Canadian Historical Review.

Contradictions of Capital in the Twenty-First Century: The Piketty Opportunity, edited by Pat Hudson and Keith Tribe – reviewed for EH.net.

The Poverty of Slavery: How Unfree Labor Pollutes the Economy, by Robert E. Wright – reviewed for EH.net.