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Economics 272 (Bates College): Economic History of North America to 1914


Class overview

Lecture #1 : What is Economic History

Lecture #2: Were people from the past irrational morons?

Lecture #3: Governance, Institutions and Public Choice Theory

Lecture #4: Colonial Origins of Divergence

Lecture #5: Health, Institutions and the Antebellum Puzzle

Midterm Exam

Lecture #6: Slavery and the Antebellum South

Lecture #7: Postbellum America and the Living Standards of African Americans

Lecture #8: The Robber Barrons and the Gilded Age

Lecture #9: The Economic Condition of Women

Lecture #10: Native Americans

Final Exam

Take-Home Essay

Economics 2175 (King’s University College): Economic History of Canada to 1914