Books and other publications


Rethinking Canadian Economic Growth and Development Since 1900. London: Palgrave MacMillan, 2017.

Du Grand Rattrapage au Déclin Tranquille. Montreal: Accent Grave, 2013.

Book chapters

Forthcoming. “Government and the Economic History of American Income Inequality.” In Income Inequality, G.P. Manish and Stephen C. Miller (eds). (unedited version, do not cite without permission).

Forthcoming. “Douglass North and Shipping Productivity.” In A Companion to Douglass North, Andrés Marroquín (ed) with UFM Editions.

Forthcoming. “Market Theory and the Lighthouse System.” In A Companion to Israel Kirzner, Monica Zelaya (ed) with UFM Editions (co-authored with Rosolino Candela).

Forthcoming. “Hayek and Economic History.” In A Companion to Friedrich Hayek, Rosolino Candela (ed) with UFM Editions.

“Good and Bad Inequality” in In All Fairness: Equality, Liberty, and the Quest for Human DignityChristopher Coyne, Michael Munger and Robert Whaples (eds) with Independent Institute, 2019.

British Public Debt, the Acadian Expulsion and the American Revolution.” In Public Choice Analyses of American Economic History, Joshua Hall and Marcus Witcher (eds) with Springer, 2018.

Economics, Economic History and Historical Data.” In An Economist’s Guide to Economic HistoryMatthias Blum and Chris Colvin (eds) with Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

Book review

Persecution and Toleration: The Long Road to Religious Freedom, by Noel Johnson and Mark Koyama – reviewed for Public Choice

Why Did We Choose to Industrialize? Montreal, 1819–1849, by Robert CH Sweeny – reviewed for the Canadian Historical Review.

A Distinct Alien Race: The Untold Story of Franco-Americans, Industrialization, Immigration and Religious Strife, by David Vermette – reviewed for 

Contradictions of Capital in the Twenty-First Century: The Piketty Opportunity, edited by Pat Hudson and Keith Tribe – reviewed for

The Poverty of Slavery: How Unfree Labor Pollutes the Economy, by Robert E. Wright – reviewed for


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  1. Dear Professor Vincent:

    From the Portugues INSTITUTO +LIBERDADE I learn about your book


    and since I dedicate part of my free time to my list of freedom authors, I’d like to know if you agree to be included to it and if you have other books published in English and/or in other languages that might be included in that personal page of yours?

    Finally, do you think I should also include some of the authors mentioned by you in your present home page?

    I thank you in advance for your kind attention and look forward to your possible comments and remain with

    best regards,


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