Working papers


Dynamics of Interventionism and Economic Development in Quebec before 1854 (revise and resubmit to Essays in Economic and Business History, revisions submitted)

Can Geography Explain Quebec’s Historical Poverty? (with Louis Rouanet,  revise and resubmit to Southern Economic Journal, revisions submitted)

Praise the Lard: Resolving the Judaic Pig Puzzle (with Peter Leeson and Nicholas Snow, revise and resubmit to Rationality and Society)

Does the Conquest Explain Quebec’s Historical Poverty? The Economic Consequences of 1760 (revise and resubmit to Cliometrica)

Did The Quiet Revolution Really Change Anything? (with Chandler Reilly, revise and resubmit to Canadian Journal of Economics)

Commons and Weak States: The Case of the Gaspesian Fisheries in the 19th century (with Félix Foucher-Paquin, revise and resubmit at Journal of Government and Economics, revisions submitted)

Economic Freedom Matters A Lot More for Economic Development Than You Think! (with Sean Alvarez and Macy Scheck, revise and resubmit at European Journal of Political Economy)


Postbellum Electoral Politics in California and the Genesis of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 (with Linan Peng, submitted to European Journal of Law & Economics)

Monetary Famine, Paper Money and International Constraints on Economic Growth: The Case of Colonial Quebec (with Gabriel Mathy, submitted to Financial History Review).

Was There a Crisis? A Human Development Index for Lower Canada, 1760 to 1848 (with Matthew Curtis, submitted to Economic History Review)

An Almost Laboratory Experiment: John Cowperthwaite and Hong Kong’s Economic Prosperity
(with Jamie Bologna Pavlik and Yang Zhou, submitted to Review of Economics and Statistics)


Economic Growth in Quebec during the Colonial Era and International Comparisons (previous version here Note: New version is different from working paper version as it includes additional corrections to answer certain criticisms).

Coercion and Economic Growth 

Infant Mortality and the Role of Seigneurial Tenure in Canada East, 1851 (with Alex Arsenault and Vadim Kufenko).

Crowding-Out at Sea: Shipping Productivity and the Burden of the British Navy, 1760 to 1860 (with Jari Eloranta and Vadim Kufenko).


Poverty in Canada, 1901 to 1951 (with Jason Dean)

The Antebellum Puzzle Resolved? Canadian Evidence (with Matt Curtis)

A War-Adjusted National Accounting of US GDP, 1790–2020 and its Implications (with Chandler Reilly)

Are Historians Increasingly Illiberal? An Empirical Analysis (with Chandler Reilly)

Linguistic Wage Gaps Outside Quebec, 1901 to 1951 (with Jason Dean)

The Best Poor Men’s Countries: Estimating Poverty in the New World during the Colonial Era (with Luis Zegarra and Leticia Arroyo Abad)

Land Quality and Malthusian Pressures in Quebec, 1825-1835 (with Andrew Thomas)

Making Economic Freedom Measures Matter for the Poor and Vulnerable (with Diana Thomas and Marcus Shera)

Poverty Spells and Economic Freedom (with James Dean)

Income Mobility, Poverty and Minimum Wages (with James Dean)


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