Published and Accepted Articles

The lesser shades of labor coercion: The impact of seigneurial tenure in nineteenth-century Quebec
Journal of Development Economics (2023) (with V. Kufenko and A. Arsenault-Morin)

Ethnogenesis and Statelessness
European Journal of Law & Economics (2023) (with L. Rouanet)

Presidents in Deficit: Are there Historical Rewards to Deficits?
Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice (2023) (with M. Shera)

The myth of wartime prosperity: Evidence from the Canadian experience
Social Science Quarterly (2023) (with C. Pender)

The Political Economy of Lighthouses in Antebellum America
European Economic Review (2023) (with J. Callais)

The Incubated Revolution: Education, Cohort Effects and the Linguistic Wage Gap in Quebec During the 20th Century
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (2023) (with M. Isabelle and J. Gagnon)

No Wheat Crisis: Agricultural Trade Liberalization in Quebec during the 1830s and 1840s
European Review of Economic History (2023) (with A. Plemmons and A. Thomas)

Globalization and Empire: Market Integration and International Trade Between Canada, the United States and Britain from 1750 to 1870
Social Science History (2023) (with M. Pedersen and P. Sharp)

Intergenerational Income Mobility and Economic Freedom 
Southern Economic Journal (2023) (with J. Callais)

How Pronounced is the U-Curve? Revisiting Income Inequality in the United States, 1917-1960
Economic Journal (2022) (with P. Magness, J. Moore and P. Schlosser)

Unenlightened Peasants? Farming Techniques among French-Canadians, circa 1851
Cliometrica (2022)

Escape underway: Malthusian pressures in late imperial Moscow
Explorations in Economic History (2022) (with V. Kufenko and E. Khaustova).

Regulatory Capture and the Dynamics of Interventionism: The Case of Power Utilities in Quebec and Ontario to 1944 
Public Choice (2022) (with G. Belzile and R. Candela)

The Historical Evolution of Canadian Living Standards
Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance (2022)

State Capacity and the Post Office: Evidence from 19th Century Quebec
Journal of Government and Economics (2022) (with M. Makovi)

Economic freedom improves income mobility: evidence from Canadian provinces, 1982–2018
Journal of Institutional Economics (2022) (with J. Dean)

Statogenic Climate Change? Julian Simon and Institutions
Review of Austrian Economics (2022)

Conceptualizing the Cost of COVID Policy: The Role of Institutional Trade-Offs
The Economists’ Voice (2021)

Pandemics, Economic Freedom, and Institutional Trade-Offs
European Journal of Law and Economics (2021) (With K. Hyde and I. Murtazashvili).

The Wild Card: Colonial Paper Money in French North America, 1685 to 1719 
European Review of Economic History (2021) (With B. Cutsinger and M. Bédard).

The Linguistic Wage Gap in Quebec, 1901 to 1951
Cliometrica (2021) (With J. Dean).

Love on the rocks: The causal effects of separatist governments in Quebec
European Journal of Political Economy (2021) (With K. Grier).

Can Governments Deal with Pandemics?
Cosmos and Taxis (2021) (With I. Murtazashvili).

The New History of Capitalism and the Methodology of Economic History
Essays in Economic and Business History (2021) (With J. Glock).

Care to Wager Again? The outcome of the second bet between Paul Ehrlich and Julian Simon, Part 1: Outcomes
Social Science Quarterly (2021) (With P. Desrochers and J. Szurmak).

Care to Wager Again? The outcome of the second bet between Paul Ehrlich and Julian Simon, Part 2: Critical Analysis
Social Science Quarterly (2021) (With P. Desrochers and J. Szurmak).

Rent-Seeking for Madness: The Political Economy of Mental Institutionalization in America, 1870 to 1910
Public Choice (2021) (With R. March).

The Cuban Revolution and Infant Mortality: A Synthetic Control Approach
Explorations in Economic History (2021) (With J.B. Pavlik).

Economic Freedom, Pandemics and Robust Political Economy 
Southern Economic Journal (2021) (With R. Candela).

Economic freedom and the economic consequences of the 1918 pandemic
Contemporary Economic Policy (2021) (With J.B. Pavlik).

Trade or Raid: Acadian Settlers and Native Americans Before 1755
Public Choice (2020) (With R. Candela).

Are Anarcho-Capitalists Insane? Living Standards Under Medieval Icelandic Conflict Institutions
Revue d’Économie Politique (2020) (With P. Leeson).

Who are the champions? Inequality, Institutions and the Olympics
Journal of Institutional Economics (2020) (With V. Kufenko).

Divided Government and the Bias Against Presidential Restraint
Social Science Journal (2020) (With F. Garmon and P. Magness).

Making sense of dictatorships and health outcomes
British Medical Journal: Global Health (2020) (With G. Berdine and B. Powell).

Predation, Seigneurial Tenure and Development in French Colonial America
Social Science History (2020)

Colonial Military Garrisons as Labor-Market Shocks: Quebec City and Boston, 1760–1775
Social Science Quarterly (2020) (With J. Land).

Improving deflators for Canadian GNP, 1870-1900
Research in Economic History (2020) (With M. Hinton).

The Lighthouse Debate and the Dynamics of Interventionism
Review of Austrian Economics (2020) (With R. Candela)

State Capacity and Economic Development: Causal Mechanism or Correlative Filter?
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (2020) (With A. Salter).

Relative Costs of Living, for Richer and Poorer, 1688-1914
Cliometrica (2020) (With P. Lindert).

The great overestimation: Tax data and inequality measurements in the United States, 1913–1943
Economic Inquiry (2020) (With P. Magness).

Gordon Tullock Meets Phineas Gage: The Political Economy of Lobotomies in the United States
Research Policy (2020) (With R. March).

Divergence, convergence, and the history-augmented Solow Model
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics (2020) (With V. Kufenko and K. Prettner).

How Poor Were Quebec and Canada in the 1840s
Social Science Quarterly (2020) (With G. Macera).

Collusion and Combines in Canada, 1880-1890
Scandinavian Economic History Review (2020)

Multilingualism and the Decline of the French Language
Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development (2019) (With A. Arsenault Morin).

Coase and transaction costs reconsidered: the case of the English lighthouse system
European Journal of Law and Economics (2019) (With R. Candela).

Can markets foster rebellion? The case of the 1837–38 rebellions in Lower Canada
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (2019) (With V. Kufenko)

Why consider the lighthouse a public good?
International Review of Law and Economics (2019) (With R. Candela).

Distinct from the Rest of North America: Living Standards in French Canada, 1688 to 1775
Cliometrica (2019)

A Price Index for Canada, 1688 to 1850
Canadian Journal of Economics (2019)

James Buchanan and the Political Economy of Desegregation
Southern Economic Journal (2019) (With P. Magness and A. Carden)

Inequality, (Transaction) Costs & Choice
Cosmos + Taxis: Studies in Emergent Order and Organization

Social Justice, Public Goods and Rent-Seeking in Narratives
Independent Review (2019) (With P. Magness)

Measuring Away the Importance of Institutions: The Case of Seigneurial Tenure and Agricultural Output in Canada East, 1851
Social Science Quarterly (2019)

The Lightship in Economics
Public Choice (2018) (With R. Candela) (Winner of the Gordon Tullock Prize for best article in Public Choice by young scholars)

Seeds of Divergence: The Economy of French North America
Journal of Economic History (2018)

Were Wages That Low? Real Wages in the Strasbourg Regions Before 1775
Journal of Interdisciplinary History (2018)

Cuban Infant Mortality and Longevity: Health Care or Repression?
Health Policy & Planning (2018) (With G. Berdine and B. Powell)

Continuity under a different name: the outcome of privatisation in Serbia
New Political Economy (2018) (With V. Ivanovic, V. Kufenko, N. Stanisic and B. Begovic)

Cuban Infant Mortality and Longevity: Health Care or Repression? A Reply
Health Policy & Planning (2018) (With B. Powell and G. Berdine)

Was Economic Growth Likely in Lower Canada?
Journal of Private Enterprise (2018) (With M. Bédard)

Supply Management and Household Poverty in Canada
International Review of Economics (2018) (With A. Moreau and P. Desrochers)

Electricity Before Nationalization in Quebec, 1919 to 1939
Atlantic Economic Journal (2018) (With G. Belzile)

Adjusting Inequalities for Regional Price Parities: Importance and Implications
Journal of Regional Analysis & Policy (2018) (With Y. Msaid)

The Fall and Rise of Inequality: Disaggregating Narratives
Advances in Austrian Economics (2018)

Does size matter? Implications of household size for measurement of economic convergence
Scottish Journal of Political Economy (2018) (With K. Prettner and V. Kufenko)

The Heights of French-Canadian Convicts, 1780s to 1820s
Economics & Human Biology (2017) (With A.A. Morin and V. Kufenko)

The Equally “Bad” French and English Farmers of Quebec: New TFP measures from the 1831 census
Historical Methods (2017) (With M. Hinton and V. Kufenko)

Inequality: First, do no harm
Independent Review (2017) (With S. Horwitz)

The Demand for ‘Guard Labour’ : Another Explanation
Economic Affairs (2017) (With V. Kufenko)

The Turnover‐Reducing Effects of the Minimum Wage may Harm the Economy
Economic Affairs (2016)

Why was flour of poor quality? The impact of Seigneurial laws and price controls on flour in Quebec
Agricultural History Review (2016) (With A. Lacombe)

Demographic Factors in Regional Convergence in Canada
Economics Bulletin (2016) (With V. Kufenko and K. Prettner)

Inequality, Capital and Many Other Things in the 21st Century (and Before)
Essays in Economic and Business History  (2016)

Deirdre McCloskey, Kirznerian Growth and The Role of Social Networks
Economic Affairs  (2016)

Malthusian pressures: Empirical evidence from a frontier economy
Journal of Population Research (2015) (With V. Kufenko)

Toleration of Catholics in Quebec and British Public Finances, 1760 to 1775
Essays in Economic and Business History  (2015)

Ticket scalping as a means of managing risk
Economic Affairs  (2015)

Inter‐City Bus Services In Canada–Time For Deregulation
Economic Affairs  (2012)


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  1. (suite à votre article dans La Presse) De mémoire, au Canada c’est Pierre-Eliot Trudeau qui a parti la mode des gros déficits.
    Quand il est devenu premier ministre, vers 1968, le Canada était très très peu endetté. Donc, il pouvait y aller allègrement avec ses énormes déficits…
    Mais plus tard, Brian Mulroney a hérité d’une dette énorme avec des taux d’intérêt très élevés. Les déficits résultaient maintenant en grande partie de l’intérêt sur la dette !!!
    Mulroney n’avait presque pas le choix, il a dû monter les impôts et baisser les services. Il est devenu le premier ministre le plus impopulaire de l’histoire alors que Pierre Trudeau avait été le plus populaire.

  2. je suis pas mal déçu que ton site soit en anglais je pense que je vais aller pleurer dans les journaux 🤣🤣🤪

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