Academic Publications


(Forthcoming) Alex Arsenault Morin, Vincent Geloso and Vadim Kufenko. “The Heights of French-Canadian Convicts, 1780s to 1820s“, Economics and Human Biology, Volume, Number and Pages undetermined.

(Forthcoming) Vincent Geloso and Steve Horwitz. “Inequality: How Much is There and Is It All Bad?Independent Review, Volume, Number and Pages undetermined

Pierre Desrochers and Vincent Geloso. 2017. “Snatching the Wrong Conclusions from the Jaws of Defeat: A Resourceship Perspective on Paul Sabin’s The Bet: Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon, and Our Gamble over Earth’s Future“, New Perspectives in Political Economy, Vol. 12, no.1-2, pp. 5-64.


Vincent Geloso and Alexis Lacombe. 2016. “Why was flour of poor quality? The impact of Seigneurial laws and price controls on flour in Quebec“, Agricultural History Review, Vol.64, no.2, pp.181-195.

Vincent Geloso, Vadim Kufenko and Klaus Prettner. 2016. “Demographic Factors in Regional Convergence in Canada“, Economics Bulletin, Vol.36, No.4, pp.1904-1910.

Vincent Geloso. 2016. “The turnover-reducing effects of minimum wage hikes may harm the economy”  Economic Affairs, Vol.36, No. 3, pp.318-325.

Vincent Geloso. 2016. “Lynne Pierson Doti and the Economic History of Unregulated Money and Banking”, Journal of Business and Management, Vol.22, no.2, pp.51-58.

Vincent Geloso. 2016. “Inequality, Capital and Many Other Things in the 21st Century (and Before)” Essays in Economic and Business History, Vol.34, pp.1-21.


Geloso, Vincent and Vadim Kufenko. 2015. “Malthusian pressures: Empirical evidence from a frontier economy”, Journal of Population Research, Vol.32, no.3, pp.263-283.

Vincent Geloso. 2015. “Deirdre McCloskey, Social Networks and Kiznerian Growth” Economic Affairs, Vol. 35, no.3, pp.453-463.

Vincent Geloso. 2015. “Toleration of Catholics in Quebec and British Public Finances, 1760 to 1775” Essays in Economic and Business History, Vol.33, pp. 51-81.


Vincent Geloso. 2014. “Ticket Scalping as a Means of Managing Risk“, Economic Affairs, Vol.34, No.3, pp. 335-339


Vincent Geloso. 2012. “Inter‐City Bus Services In Canada–Time For Deregulation“, Economic Affairs, Vol.32, No.1, pp. 38-42.


Forthcoming. Review of Robert C.H. Sweeny, Why Did We Choose to Industrialize? Montreal, 1819-1849Canadian Historical Review

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