Macro History of Canada

This page is dedicated to a long-term project of mine which is to gradually recreate Canadian national accounts (GDP, balance of payment, money stock etc.) prior to circa 1913 with serious attention on the pre-1870 era. There will also be data regarding topics in macroeconomic history. The data will be attached gradually as each paper gets accepted. However, I will post the working papers without the underlying data before they are published. All unpublished data can be requested via email.

  • Canadian Price Index corrected for missing clothing component, 1870-1900
    • Submitted to Cliometrica as “The Emperor Has No Clothes: Improving Deflators for Canadian GNP, 1870-1900” (working paper version here).
  • GDP of Canada from 1688 to 1790
    • Submitted to the Economic History Review as “Economic Growth in Quebec during the Colonial Era and International Comparisons” (working paper version here).
  • Shipping Productivity of Sail Ships from the Port of Quebec, 1764 to 1861
    • Working paper still in progress (co-authored with Jari Eloranta and Vadim Kufenko) under the title of “Crowding-Out at Sea: Shipping Productivity and the Burden of the British Navy, 1760 to 1860” (working paper version here).