The income of taxi drivers in 1979 in Montreal

In 1973, when the taxi market was put under a province-wide supply management scheme with permits to operate, it was claimed that this was prompted by the difficulties of taxi drivers to earn a decent living. We can’t know for certain what the average income of taxi drivers was in 1973 before the reform, but we do have data for 1979. In that year, GDP per capita adjusted for inflation was 24,798 $. The net income (income minus operating expenditures) stood at 27,113 $. Considering that since 1979, the rent value of taxi permits has increased through buyback plans and an upward surge of demand (see my paper on taxi in “publications”), it is very likely that this gap still exists between older drivers and the general public. Younger drivers may in fact be harmed by the mortgage that they must pay for acquiring a permit. I think it is possible that the income gap exists between younger drivers and older drivers and between older drivers and the average worker.

Source: Michel Trudel, 1981. Des Nouvelles Avenues pour le Taxi. Ministère des Transports du Québec


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