Heights of French-Canadians after the conquest

In the weeks to come, Vadim Kufenko, Alex Arsenault Morin and myself will spend time trying to edit, improve and finalize our paper on the heights of the French-Canadians in Quebec between 1760 and 1830 based on prison registry data.

Basically, the work that remains to be done is to improve the presentation of the paper and the way our arguments are brought forward. However, the results are ready and they will not change.  The draft is available here for those who are interested (but, please, this is a preliminary version, do not quote it yet). 

What we see is that the French-Canadians in Quebec were significantly shorter than the English, Irish and Scots who came to Quebec. In addition, we see that stature is falling throughout the period but before heights in the United States (during the Antebellum puzzle) begin to plummet. Furthermore, heights in Canada seem to inch upward as those in the United States start to fall.

I have the two key figures here. The first is based on our data, the second is based on linking our data with the data produced by Cranfield and Inwood (2007) based on the Kingston Penitentiary between 1825 and 1874. The height differential between French-Canadians and other groups is clear, no ambiguity about it.

Figure 1

Figure 3


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