Joining Texas Tech University

In a few months, my PhD at the London School of Economics will be completed (waiting for exam date to be settled). Thereafter, I will be joining Texas Tech University (TTU) for a limited-term appointment as post-doctoral researcher associated with the Free Market Institute (FMI website here)

The FMI has numerous scholars interested in public choice theory and the teachings of economists like James Buchanan, Elinor Ostrom, Gordon Tullock and F.A Hayek. I intend to use my time at TTU and the FMI to perfect these aspects of my research. On top of continuing my empirical papers on measuring living standards, I also intend to expand on some ideas I have been entertaining regarding population and institutions (see notably my infant mortality paper with Arsenault Morin and Kufenko and my malthusian pressures paper with Kufenko).


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