SOEs in Saskatchewan

In continuance with a previous post regarding State Owned Entreprises (SOEs) in Quebec, I have assembled a new data that will allow to compare SOEs in Quebec with SOEs in Saskatchewan. Quebec and Saskatchewan are probably the two provinces in Canada that are seen by the general public as being highly “interventionistic” in the economy. Hence comparing them can be interesting as we can see in the table below, Quebec (with SOEs at 6.01% of GDP) intervenes less through SOEs than Saskatchewan does (at 7.23% of GDP).

However, I have failed to find data with regards to revenues of SOEs going back in time enough to evaluate the extent of the privatization trend in Canada, I can however do such a thing with regards to the federal government (a series that will soon be available for selected years 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2010).


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