Income in Quebec according to language

In my recent interview on CHOI Radio X, I mentionned that income growth for unilingual francophones in Quebec has been the the fastest of all linguistic groups since 1970. This claim has been questionned by some critics of mine. To dissipate any doubts about the validity of my claims, I am adding a new data set to this blog dervied from a 2007 paper by Vaillancourt, Vaillancourt and Lemay published at the C.D. Howe. I am also adding the two following graphs as evidence.

As we can see, unilingual francophones and bilingual francophones (first language) have the fastest growth of all since 1970. This means that we can see the following convergence in incomes as we can see in the following graph.

For those who are still skeptical of this claim of mine, you can also consult the 2008 article of David Albouy in the Canadian Journal of Economics which evaluates the wage gap betwen anglophones and francophones in Quebec since 1970. He, like Vaillancourt and al., arrives to the same conclusion regarding convergence in income.


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