Capitalist Peace : Wealthier and Safer

With my friend and colleague Pierre Simard from the École Nationale d’Administration Publique in Québec city, I have published an op-ed in the second largest french newspaper in North America, La Presse, arguing that free trade and free markets have made the world safer. In short, I argue the case of the capitalist peace. In reaction to the article, some have criticized our points despite quoting a vast series of econometric articles (from Erich Weede to Steven Polachek without forgetting Erik Gartzke, Alan Taylor, Reuven Glick and numerous others). So I have decided to include some graphics derived from the Human Security Report which show a reduction in violence since the 1950s – meaning since the beggining the Thirty Glorious, the reduction of formal trade barriers, the explosion of foreign investment, the reduction in transaction costs, cheaper communications and an increase in economic freedom.

Indeed, a safer world…

Note : All the data will be republished in my “data sets” section.


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