Economic History between Two Swimsuits

My recent book, Du Grand Rattrapage au Déclin Tranquille, is the subject of an article in the French-Canadian magazine Summum. For those who are not from Quebec, Summum is a “boys’ magazine” with tons of girls in swimsuits (or less). So I dare say I gave an interview to end up between two girls in their swimtrunks. Here is the cover and the article itself for which there are two addendas that I am adding at the end of this blog post:
photo (4) lyVQTKR photo (3)

Addenda 1: On the second page, it says “85 Quebecers had university degrees for every 100 Ontarians” – that is not the exact statistic. The proportion of Quebecers above 15 years of age who possessed university degrees in 1961 was equivalent to 85% of the same proportion in Ontario.

Addenda 2: A few lines below, it says that it high school participation declined while in fact it increased. The reporter merely inverted the terms, nothing bad.


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